Ankle Straps for Cable Machines and Resistance Band – Green


  • MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS – Whether you are an absolute beginner or a fitness lover, these Ankle Straps for cable machines are perfect for you. Featuring one reinforced D-ring, Evoness Ankle Straps attachment is easy to connect to cable machines and helps you tone your glutes in maximum comfort!
  • SAFETY AND COMFORT – Pushing your body to the limits gets you the best results, if you do it safely. Their strong Velcro, double stitching and thick, soft neoprene padding make Evoness Gym Ankle Strap the safest and most comfortable cuff strap on the market.
  • TWICE THE EFFICIENCY – Do you like to stop in the middle of your workout to switch the strap between ankles? We believe it is not only disruptive, but time consuming, so we offer you two Ankle Straps for Cable Machines for faster, amazingly efficient workouts!
  • LIMITED TIME BONUSES – When you buy your Workout Ankle Straps today, you will receive a medium resistance bands, one waterproof carry bag, and a video tutorial that teaches you how to get the most of your weightlifting ankle strap.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Evoness Neoprene Ankle Straps are made to help you increase the efficiency of your workout and get faster results. In the unlikely case that your Padded Ankle Straps are not perfect for you, send them back within 90 days for a full refund!

Who Says Busy Women Can’t Stay in Shape?

Are you a modern woman who is too busy working, but still wish to get the body of her dreams? Don’t worry; we know how it feels to be crunched for time and we are here to help you! Designed to safely increase the efficiency of your workout, Evoness Ankle Straps will help you get back in shape faster than you thought possible! Safe and comfortable, they:

  • Allow you to maximize the efficiency of your training
  • Deliver you faster results in terms of body shaping
  • Can be easily adjusted for a snug fit on your ankles
  • Are compatible with cable, fitness, and gym machines
  • Come with a resistance band, one video tutorial and a carry bag
  • Make perfect gifts for modern women and fitness lovers

There’s no secret that toned glutes and hamstrings can rock every bikini. Deceptively small and lightweight, Evoness Ankle Straps for Women are the most powerful tools when it comes to toning these muscles. The Leg Straps are compatible with standard functional trainers, cable machines, resistance trainers, and other weight lifting systems, being perfect for:

  • Cable mountain climbers
  • Cable kickbacks
  • Inner thigh contractions
  • Outer thigh contractions
  • Cable lounges
  • Cable hip abduction etc.

Outstanding Quality

The quality of our products is what differentiates us from our competitors and makes our ankle strap set stand out from the crowd. Test them for yourself, you won’t be disappointed! Ergonomically designed for superior comfort and stability, Evoness Ankle Straps:

  • Are fully adjustable, fitting most ankle sizes
  • Feature one D-ring for extra comfort and easy use
  • Are a breeze to put on and connect to the machine
  • Hug your ankle and don’t move around during workouts
  • Don’t come off when lifting heavier weights
  • Feature thick and soft neoprene padding with no irritating ham

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